Technology Solutions
S.No. Title (Click on Title Name to View its Details)
1 Active Intelligent Packaging System with Antimicrobial Agent for Fruits and Vegetables
2 Anthocyanin Rich Multi-Grain Bread
3 Aonla Mouth Freshner and Kachri Curry Powder
4 Arrowroot and Awapuhi Wild Ginger Flour
5 Assessment of Toxic Chemicals (PAHs) in Food and Kitchen
6 Automated Packing Line for Spherical Horticultural Produce
7 Banana Chips, Bread, Biscuit and Powder from Kachkal Banana
8 Bhim Kol (Musa Balbisiana) Slice, Grits and Powder
9 Bioplastic Packaging Material
10 Bug-Buster for Food Safety
11 Chow-Chow Kraut
12 Commercial Scale Fruit Grader
13 Complimentary RTE Comfo Spread
14 Continuous Sterilization System for Dried Spices
15 Degradable Polymer Based Food Packaging: Green Pack
16 Edible Film Enriched with Pomegranate Peel Extract
17 Evacuated tube solar dryer
18 Expanding Belt Type Fruit Grader
19 Extension of Shelf Life of Purees of Green Leafy Vegetables and Herbs
20 Food Products Incorporated with Bioactive Compounds from Small Onion Bio-Waste
21 Functional Choco-Muffins fortified with Horsegram
22 Gluten-free Muffins, Cookies, Noodles and Chapattis
23 Goat Meat Based Functional Products
24 Green Functional Foods Fortified with Cereal Grasses
25 Lactation Cookies
26 Mahua Nutribar
27 Masala Sorghum Mix
28 Mechanized Package for Rope Making from Banana Pseudostem
29 Minimal Processing of Fresh Cut Vegetables
30 Moringa Leaf Stripper
31 Moringa Leaves Separator
32 On-farm Processing, Value Addition and Safe Storage of Onions
33 Onion Storage Structure and Protocol
34 Pasta from Leaf Protein Concentrate of Green Leafy Vegetables
35 Pedal Operated Potato Peeler and Slicer
36 Post Harvest Application of 1-MCP on Mango and Tomato Fruits
37 Post Harvest Mechanization Package for Banana Central Core
38 Retort Processing of Traditional Pork Curry Products
39 Samosa with Reduced Oil Content (Fat)
40 Savory Veggie Gluten Free Cookies
41 Seaweed tea infusion rich in polyphenols
42 Shelf Life Extension of Capsicum
43 Solar Hybrid Dryer
44 Soy Yogurt and Fruit/Vegetable Based Smoothies
45 Sweet Potato Powder
46 Ultrasound Processing of Liquid Food
47 Vacuum Pre-Cooler