Spices and Plantation crops

Technology Solutions
S.No. Title (Click on Title Name to View its Details)
1 Aonla Mouth Freshner and Kachri Curry Powder
2 Biodegradable Food Containers from Coir
3 Chilli Destalking Machine
4 Coconut Water Extraction Machine: Cocoshreshth
5 Coconut Water Processing System
6 Complimentary RTE Comfo Spread
7 Confectionery Chews and Functional Beverage Mix
8 Continuous Sterilization System for Dried Spices
9 Encapsulation of Natural Bioactive Compounds and Micronutrients for Meat
10 Goat Meat Based Functional Products
11 Green Coffee Bags, Fortified Green Coffee with Probiotics and All- in-one Green Coffee
12 Green Coffee Extract and Ready to Drink Coffee
13 Green Functional Foods Fortified with Cereal Grasses
14 Herbal Milk Smoothie Supplemented with Double Emulsion Containing Amla
15 ICAR- CIFTEQ® Ciftdry BD-40 - Biomass Dryer
16 ICAR- CIFTEQ® Ciftdry SHD-20 - Solar Dryer With Electrical Backup -20 Kg
17 ICAR- CIFTEQ® Ciftdry SHD-40 - Solar Dryer with Electrical Backup - 40 Kg
18 Instant Foaming Soluble Coffee
19 Lactation Cookies
20 Mahua Nutribar
21 Masala Sorghum Mix
22 Meat Preservation by Natural Extracts
23 Nanoencapsulation of Curcumin
24 Nanoencapsulation of Polyphenols Extracted from Green Tea
25 Non-Dairy Coconut Ice cream
26 Non-Dairy Coconut Milk Ice Cream
27 Non-Dairy Symbiotic Food
28 Piperine Iron Conjugate
29 Savory Veggie Gluten Free Cookies
30 Seaweed tea infusion rich in polyphenols
31 Sensors for Quality Evaluation Coconut Oil
32 Solar Hybrid Dryer
33 Sorghum Upma Mix
34 Testing Kit for Detecting Adulterants in Selected Spices
35 Ultrasound Processing of Liquid Food