Pulses and Oil seeds

Technology Solutions
S.No. Title (Click on Title Name to View its Details)
1 Assessment of Toxic Chemicals (PAHs) in Food and Kitchen
2 Biochar from Food Industry Waste
3 Biodiesel from Waste Fried Oil
4 Bioplastic Packaging Material
5 Boondi Dispenser Machine
6 Continuous Sterilization System for Dried Spices
7 Extruded Snack Food from Flaxseed Fractions
8 Food Products Incorporated with Bioactive Compounds from Small Onion Bio-Waste
9 Functional Choco-Muffins fortified with Horsegram
10 Functional Mixed Starter Culture for Idli Batter Fermentation
11 Functionalized Polymers for Processing of Soymilk and Apple Juice
12 Gluten-free Muffins, Cookies, Noodles and Chapattis
13 Groundnut Decorticator (Sitting Type)
14 Groundnut Decorticator (Standing Type)
15 Idli and Dosa Dry Mix
16 Lactation Cookies
17 Masala Sorghum Mix
18 Multi-Grain Flour with Low Glycemic Index
19 Multi-Grain Muffin
20 Multi-Grain Protein Enriched Noodles
21 Multi-Grain Semolina Mixes and its Food Applications
22 Multi-Nutrient Biscuits
23 Nutribar
24 Pedal-cum-Power Operated Cleaner
25 Pneumatic Grain Pump
26 Probiotic Soy Cheese Spread
27 Protein Rich Gronala Bar
28 Proteins and Phytic Acid from Waste Rice Bran
29 Riboflavin Enriched Probiotic Fermented Product
30 Samosa with Reduced Oil Content (Fat)
31 Sattu Cookies
32 Small Capacity Dal Mill
33 Sorghum Upma Mix
34 Soy Yogurt and Fruit/Vegetable Based Smoothies
35 Soy-Butter
36 Soymilk with Improved Functionality
37 Soy-Papaya Based Sprinkles
38 Ultrasound Processing of Liquid Food
39 Value Added Products from By-product of Pulse Milling