Technology Solutions
S.No. Title (Click on Title Name to View its Details)
1 Active Intelligent Packaging System with Antimicrobial Agent for Fruits and Vegetables
2 Aonla Mouth Freshner and Kachri Curry Powder
3 Automated Packing Line for Spherical Horticultural Produce
4 Bioactive Compounds and Sugars from Mango Processing Waste
5 Biochar from Food Industry Waste
6 Chitosan Based Coating of Fruits
7 Commercial Scale Fruit Grader
8 Composite Edible Coating for Fresh Fruits
9 Confectionery Chews and Functional Beverage Mix
10 Continuous Sterilization System for Dried Spices
11 Degradable Polymer Based Food Packaging: Green Pack
12 Edible Film Enriched with Pomegranate Peel Extract
13 Encapsulation of Natural Bioactive Compounds and Micronutrients for Meat
14 Enhancement of Shelf Life of Guava Fruit by the Application of Nitric Oxide
15 Evacuated tube solar dryer
16 Exogenous Application of Melatonin on Mangoes for the Extension of Shelf Life under Low Temperature Storage
17 Expanding Belt Type Fruit Grader
18 Fruit Ripening Chamber
19 Functionalized Polymers for Processing of Soymilk and Apple Juice
20 Gluten-free Muffins, Cookies, Noodles and Chapattis
21 Goat Meat Based Functional Products
22 Grated Green Amla Powder
23 Grating-cum-Seed Separation Machine for Amla
24 Green Extraction of Lipid, Starch and Pectin from Mango Processing Wastes
25 Green Functional Foods Fortified with Cereal Grasses
26 Herbal Milk Smoothie Supplemented with Double Emulsion Containing Amla
27 Ice Cream, Cake and Health Beverage from Morus Alba (White Mulberry)
28 Instant Breakfast Cereal from Barley, Buckwheat and Berry
29 Instant Probiotic Fruit Juice Powder
30 Lactation Cookies
31 Layered Antibacterial Nanocomposite for Safer and Cleaner Water and Beverages
32 Marzipan and Yoghurt from Acerola Fruits
33 Meat Preservation by Natural Extracts
34 Mechanized Package for Rope Making from Banana Pseudostem
35 Microencapsulated Anthocyanin Pigment from Kokam Waste
36 Multi-Nutrient Biscuits
37 Non-Dairy Coconut Milk Ice Cream
38 Non-Dairy Millet Ice Cream
39 Nutribar
40 Post Harvest Application of 1-MCP on Mango and Tomato Fruits
41 Post Harvest Mechanization Package for Banana Central Core
42 Production of Raisins with Chemical Free Process
43 Protein Rich Gronala Bar
44 Retort Processing of Traditional Pork Curry Products
45 Sensor for the Detection of Hydrogen Peroxide in Milk
46 Shelf Life Enhancement of Sapota (Manikara Zapota) by Value Addition
47 Sorghum Upma Mix
48 Soy Yogurt and Fruit/Vegetable Based Smoothies
49 Soy-Papaya Based Sprinkles
50 Sustainable Technologies for Value Chain Development of Jackfruit
51 Tamarind Fruit Dehuller and Deseeder