Food Grains

Technology Solutions
S.No. Title (Click on Title Name to View its Details)
1 Anthocyanin Rich Black Rice Bran Pasta
2 Anthocyanin Rich Multi-Grain Bread
3 Assessment of Toxic Chemicals (PAHs) in Food and Kitchen
4 Atmospheric Pressure Non-Thermal Plasma System
6 Banana Chips, Bread, Biscuit and Powder from Kachkal Banana
8 Biochar from Food Industry Waste
9 Bioplastic Packaging Material
10 Boondi Dispenser Machine
11 Brown Rice with Reduced Cooking Time
12 Cereal Based Functional Breakfast Food from the Underutilized Crops of North-East India
13 Chicken Liver Hydrolysates and Value Added Products
14 Choco Rice Flakes
15 Continuous Microwave Popping System
16 Designing 3D Printed Foods For Personalized Nutrition
17 Eating Water Up: Water Consumption of Food
18 Evacuated tube solar dryer
20 Food Products Incorporated with Bioactive Compounds from Small Onion Bio-Waste
21 Fortified Snacks from Buckwheat and Barley
22 Functional Mixed Starter Culture for Idli Batter Fermentation
23 Gluten Free Chapatti Mix
24 Gluten-free Muffins, Cookies, Noodles and Chapattis
25 Grain Care Technologies
26 Green Functional Foods Fortified with Cereal Grasses
27 Herbal Cookies
28 ICAR- CIFTEQ® SEACOOKIES -- Seaweed Incorporated Cookies
29 ICAR- CIFTEQ® SEANOODLES: Seaweed and Fish Enriched Noodles
30 Instant Breakfast Cereal from Barley, Buckwheat and Berry
31 Lactation Cookies
32 Masala Sorghum Mix
33 Millet Flaking Machine
34 Multi-Grain Flour with Low Glycemic Index
35 Multi-Grain Muffin
36 Multi-Grain Pasta
37 Multi-Grain Protein Enriched Noodles
38 Multi-Grain Semolina Mixes and its Food Applications
39 Multi-Nutrient Biscuits
40 Non-Dairy Symbiotic Food
41 Nutribar
42 Pedal-cum-Power Operated Cleaner
43 Phosphine and Carbon Dioxide Combinations to Manage Stored Pests
44 Pneumatic Grain Pump
45 Proteins and Phytic Acid from Waste Rice Bran
46 Quality protein Maize and Maize Based Muffins and Other Products
47 Resistant Starch from Horse Chestnut and Rice
48 Rice Flaking Machine
49 Samosa with Reduced Oil Content (Fat)
50 Sattu Cookies
51 Savory Veggie Gluten Free Cookies
52 Smart Warehouses with Application of Frontier EM & Electronics Based Technology
53 Solar Hybrid Dryer
54 Sorghum Upma Mix
55 Sprouted Pearl Millet & Green Gram Pasta
56 Sprouted Wheat & Bengal Gram Pasta
57 Successive Size Reduction Milling of Different Wheat Varieties
58 Sugar Free Muffins
59 Sustainable Technologies for Value Chain Development of Jackfruit
60 Thiamine Powder from Rice and Wheat Brans
61 Traditional Rice Vermicelli
62 Ultrasound Processing of Liquid Food
63 Utilization of corn cob Powder for Kulhad Making
64 Value Added Products from Pulse Milling By-products
65 Value Added Sorghum and Millets Products
66 Xylooligosaccharide (XOS) Enriched Bread and Cookies