Technology Solutions
S.No. Title (Click on Title Name to View its Details)
1 BAMP (Bacillus Antimicrobial Peptide)
2 Bug-Buster for Food Safety
3 Database of Indian Seafood Safety and Traceability based on AFLP Markers
4 Dried Fish with Herbal Preservatives
5 Drying System for High Value Fish and Fishery Products
6 Gilatin Film from Bombay Duck
7 Hot Air-assisted Continuous Infrared Dryer for Fish and Fishery Products
8 ICAR- CIFTEQ® Antiseptic Ointment
9 ICAR- CIFTEQ® Biovit - Dietary Supplement Co-Encapsulating Thiamine And Pyridoxine
10 ICAR- CIFTEQ® Chillfish-RFVK - Refrigerated Mobile Fish Vending Kiosk
11 ICAR- CIFTEQ® Chitin and Chitosan from Prawn Shell Waste
12 ICAR- CIFTEQ® Chitopro - For Use as Anti-Inflammatory and Arthritis
13 ICAR- CIFTEQ® Ciftdry BD-40 - Biomass Dryer
14 ICAR- CIFTEQ® Ciftdry SHD-20 - Solar Dryer With Electrical Backup -20 Kg
15 ICAR- CIFTEQ® Ciftdry SHD-40 - Solar Dryer with Electrical Backup - 40 Kg
16 ICAR- CIFTEQ® Ciftdry STD-50 - Solar Tunnel Dryer
17 ICAR- CIFTEQ® Ciftest for Ammonia - For Rapid Detection Of Ammonia Adulteration In Fish
18 ICAR- CIFTEQ® Ciftest for Formalin - For Rapid Detection of Formalin Adulteration In Fish
19 ICAR- CIFTEQ® Ciftfresh FS -Fish Freshness Sensor
20 ICAR- CIFTEQ® Clam Shucking Chamber and Meat-shell Separator Equipment
21 ICAR- CIFTEQ® Easyscaler -HO - Hand Operated Fish Descaling Machine
22 ICAR- CIFTEQ® Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP)
23 ICAR- CIFTEQ® Electrical Dryer
25 ICAR- CIFTEQ® FERTIFISH® Foliar Spray From Fish Waste
26 ICAR- CIFTEQ® Fish-Kure, an Extruded Snack Food from Fish
27 ICAR- CIFTEQ® Freshness Dot - Fish Freshness Indicator
28 ICAR- CIFTEQ® FRP Boats Up To 10 M LoA
29 ICAR- CIFTEQ® Fucoteaex - Fucoidan Capsules For Anti-Inflammatory And General Well Being
30 ICAR- CIFTEQ® GHC - Glucosamine Hydrochloride
31 ICAR- CIFTEQ® Green Chemistry Protocol for Extraction of Fucoidan and Fucoxanthin from Brown Seaweed
32 ICAR- CIFTEQ® Hydroxy Apatite
33 ICAR- CIFTEQ® Insulated Fish Bags
34 ICAR- CIFTEQ® Large Mesh Purse Seine
35 ICAR- CIFTEQ® Lipstick Using Squid Chromatophore as Colorant
36 ICAR- CIFTEQ® Motorized Fish Descaling Machine-Fixed Speed
37 ICAR- CIFTEQ® Motorized Fish Descaling Machine-Variable Speed
38 ICAR- CIFTEQ® Multipurpose Fertilizers from Fish Hydrolysate
39 ICAR- CIFTEQ® Natureheal EX1 – Anti-Inflammatory And Anti-diabetic Product From Seaweed
40 ICAR- CIFTEQ® Natureheal EX2 - Anti-Obesity and Anti-diabetic Product from Seaweed
41 ICAR- CIFTEQ® Optimized Ring Seine
42 ICAR- CIFTEQ® Osmo-Dehydrated Squid Rings
43 ICAR- CIFTEQ® Ready to Serve Food Products in Retortable Pouches
44 ICAR- CIFTEQ® SagarHarita - New-Generation, Fuel-Efficient & Multi-Purpose Fishing Vessel
45 ICAR- CIFTEQ® SEACOOKIES -- Seaweed Incorporated Cookies
46 ICAR- CIFTEQ® SEANOODLES: Seaweed and Fish Enriched Noodles
47 ICAR- CIFTEQ® Solar-LPG-Hybrid Dryer
48 ICAR- CIFTEQ® Water Soluble Chitosan
49 ICAR- CIFTEQ®40 – Feet Long Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Boats
50 ICAR- CIFTEQ®7.0 M LoA Fishing Craft
51 ICAR- CIFTEQ®Astacift – Anti-Inflammatory Product From Shrimp Shell & Head
52 ICAR- CIFTEQ®Chito+- Anti-Obesity (Chitosan)
53 ICAR- CIFTEQ®MATSYA - Seabass Feed from Processing Discards
54 ICAR- CIFTEQ®PUFA concentrate-: For Cardio Vascular Wellbeing
55 ICAR- CIFTEQ®SEAYOGURT - Seaweed Based Preparation
56 ICAR- CIFTEQ®Sun Boat - I - Solar Powered Boat for Inland Waters
57 ICAR-CIFTEQ® Calcift: For Calcium Phosphate from Fish Bone – Reduces the Risk of Osteoporosis
58 ICAR-CIFTEQ® Fish Collagen
59 ICAR-CIFTEQ® Fish Meal and Oil
60 ICAR-CIFTEQ® Fishqcheq© A System to Assess Quality/Freshness of Fish
61 ICAR-CIFTEQ® Functional Fish Sausage
62 ICAR-CIFTEQ® Hygienically Dressed and Packed Fresh Fish
63 ICAR-CIFTEQ® Instafish - Instant Fish Gravy Mix
64 ICAR-CIFTFISHPRO© - An Information System on CIFT Value Added Fish Products
65 Laminated Bombay Duck
66 Meat Preservation by Natural Extracts
67 n-3 PUFA Concentrate from Sardine Oil
68 Preservation and Value Addition of Fishery Products using Natural Resins and Gums