Technology Solutions
S.No. Title (Click on Title Name to View its Details)
1 Assessment of Quality of Milk Fat using Chromatography and PCR
2 Bhim Kol (Musa Balbisiana) Slice, Grits and Powder
3 Bug-Buster for Food Safety
4 Choco Rice Flakes
5 Complimentary RTE Comfo Spread
6 Confectionery Chews and Functional Beverage Mix
7 Continuous Extraction of Lactoferrin from Whey
8 Detection and Quantification of Animal Body Fat (Tallow)/Vegetable Fat in Milk Fat/Ghee
9 Diversified Probiotics Fermented and Non-Fermented Indigenous Dairy Products
10 Herbal Milk Smoothie Supplemented with Double Emulsion Containing Amla
11 Intensified Recovery of Valuable Products from Whey using Ultrasound
12 Khoya Burfi & Peda with Softness Retained for a Considerable Period of Time
13 Layered Antibacterial Nanocomposite for Safer and Cleaner Water and Beverages
14 Masala Sorghum Mix
15 Milk Fortified with Milk Component – Mineral Complexes
16 Nanoencapsulation of Curcumin
17 Nutribar
18 Probiotic with Bio-therapeutic Potential Dairy Flora, and Preservation Technology for Ready to Use Dairy Cultures
19 Probiotics in Fermented and Non-Fermented Dairy Products
20 Quercetin Impregnated Amino Functionalized Mesoporous Silica against Food Borne Pathogens
21 Sensor for the Detection of Hydrogen Peroxide in Milk
22 Strip Based Detection Tests for Selected Adulterants and Contaminants in Milk
23 Vitamin D Fortified Milk-Based Beverage (Lassi)
24 Whey Beverage using Buffalo Casein Hydrolysates Enriched with Antioxidative and Immunomodulatory Peptides